Supported Theses

Completed theses


Clucas GV (2017) PhD Thesis (University of Southampton) Gene flow and glacial history: investigating the processes shaping the population structure of penguins in the Southern Ocean. (NBAF-E)

Frost M (2017) PhD Thesis (University of Aberdeen) Population genomics and spatial planning for the conservation of the endangered common skate species complex. (NBAF-S)

Glass D (2017) PhD Thesis (University of Brighton) The social structure of the Hazel dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius). (NBAF-S)

Hall E (2017) PhD Thesis (University of Plymouth) The vulnerability of different populations of the commercially-important shrimp pandalus borealis to environmental stress. (NBAF-B)

*Mira Pérez O (2017) PhD Thesis (University of Granda, Spain) Conservation genetics and phylogeography of the Apollo butterfly Parnassius apollo. (NBAF-S)

Moran P (2017) PhD Thesis (University of St Andrews) A behavioural and genomic approach to studying the evolution of reproductive isolation: a contact zone between closely related field crickets in the genus Teleogryllus. (NBAF-E)

Murphy G (2017) PhD Thesis (University of Essex) Isoprene degradation in the terrestrial environment. (NBAF-EL)

Powell G (2017) PhD Thesis (University of Swansea) Whose wood is it anyway? Interspecific interactions between saprotrophic Agaricomycetes and the impact on wood decomposition. (NBAF-L)

Thomas R (2017) PhD Thesis (University of Leeds) Molecular epidemiology of Trichomonas gallinae in European Turtle Doves (Streptopelia turtur). (NBAF-S)


Bista IA (2016) PhD Thesis (Prifysgol Bangor University) Defining a high throughput sequencing identification framework for freshwater ecosystem biomonitoring. (NBAF-L)

Booth-Jones K (2016) PhD Thesis (University College London) Distribution and gene flow in a hybridizing population of Pterodroma petrels. (NBAF-S)

Godwin JL (2016) PhD Thesis (University of East Anglia) Consequences of sexual selection for reproductive and life history traits in Tribolium castaneum. (NBAF-E)

Gonçalves Athanásio C (2016) PhD Thesis (University of Birmingham) DNA methylation in Daphnia magna. (NBAF-B)

Harrison M (2016) PhD Thesis (University of Leicester) The influence of ploidy-specific expression on selection. (NBAF-E)

Herridge EJ (2016) PhD Thesis (University of Stirling) The ecological and life history consequences of shifts in polyandry across species of dance flies (Diptera: Empididae). (NBAF-S)

Holt L (2016) PhD Thesis (University of Sussex) Genetic structure, reproductive skew, and the evolution of sociality in the hover wasp Liostenogaster flavolineata. (NBAF-S)

MacAllister SL (2016) PhD Thesis (University of Edinburgh) Regeneration of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) under drought. (NBAF-B)

Montaño-Rendón M (2016) PhD Thesis (University of Sheffield) Ecotype formation in the rough periwinkle Littorina saxatilis using shell shape and sequenced RAD tags. (NBAF-S)

Pettett C (nee Easby 2016) PhD Thesis (University of Oxford) Assessing hedgehog diet in rural landscapes by DNA sequencing of faeces. (NBAF-S)

Reynolds L (2016) PhD Thesis (University of Liverpool) Evolutionary genetics of adaptation in Lepidoptera. (NBAF-E)

Younger J (2016) PhD Thesis (University of Tasmania) Palaeoecological changes in populations of Antarctic ice-dependent predators and their environmental drivers. (NBAF-E)


Alfadhala S (2015) PhD Thesis (University of Sheffield) Evolutionary and ecological genetics of the Egyptian spiny mouse Acomys dimidiatus. (NBAF-S)

Allen RC (2015) PhD Thesis (University of Edinburgh) Secreted virulence factors: evolution, ecology and therapeutic manipulation. (NBAF-E)

Ball A (2015) PhD Thesis (University of Bath) Sexual conflict in the penduline tits (Remizidae): implications for sperm competition and speciation. (NBAF-S)

Braim B (2015) PhD thesis (University of Leicester) Exploring the regulatory role of behaviour and genome architecture in the socially polymorphic ant, Leptothorax acervorum. (NBAF-E)

Clare FC (2015) PhD Thesis (Imperial College) Quantifying the impact of infection by Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis on montane populations of Alytes obstetricans. (NBAF-E)

Cotton A (2015) PhD Thesis (University College London) What drives sexual selection? Meiotic drive stress and mate choice in stalk-eyed flies. (NBAF-S)

Dalton N (2015) PhD Thesis (University of Bristol) Impact and management of native plant reintroduction: the case of the greater water parsnip, Sium latifolium. (NBAF-S)

Godsall B (2015) PhD Thesis (Imperial College London) Mechanisms of space use in the wood mouse, Apodemus sylvaticus. (NBAF-S)

Jackson H (2015) PhD Thesis (University of Kent) Evolutionary and conservation genetics of endemic and invasive parrots. (NBAF-S)

Jeffries DL (2015) PhD thesis (University of Hull) Genetic and genomic approaches to the conservation of the threatened crucian carp Carassius carassius (L.): phylogeography, hybridisation and introgression. (EThOS ID:

Jumpa S (2015) PhD thesis (University of Manchester) (University of Manchester) Assessment of Human Impact on the Genetic Diversity of Tropical Forest Taxa. (NBAF-S)

King H (2015) PhD Thesis (University of Warwick) Epidemiology and control of Mycobacterium bovis in the Eurasian badger (Meles meles). (NBAF-S)

Lieber L (2015) PhD Thesis (University of Aberdeen) The application of molecular ecology and hydroacoustics to understand the spatiotemporal patterns of seascape use of a planktivorous shark, the basking shark (Cetorhinus maximus, G. 1765). (NBAF-S)

Molloy JC (2015) PhD Thesis (University of Oxford) Wolbachia-mosquito interactions and engineered female-specific lethality for Aedes–arbovirus control. (NBAF-B)

Mortega KG (2015) PhD Thesis (University of Konstanz, Germany) The contributions of seasonality, song and hormonal regulation to the evolution of songbirds. (NBAF-S)

Perez-Sepulveda B (2015) PhD Thesis (University of Warwick) Molecular basis of cyanophage resistance in marine Synechococcus. (NBAF-L)

Pylidis C (2015) PhD thesis (University of Bristol) Evaluating the status of brown bears (Ursus arctos) in Greece with the use of non-invasive genetics. (NBAF-S)

Robinson C (2015) PhD thesis (University of Aberdeen) Aspects of the molecular ecology of white sharks (Carcharadon carcharias). (NBAF-S)

Rouger R (2015) PhD thesis (University of Stirling) Restoration genetics of north-west European saltmarshes: a multiscale analysis of population genetic structure in Puccinellia maritima and Triglochin maritime. (NBAF-S)

Sobczyk MK (2015) PhD Thesis (University of Oxford) Application of next-generation sequencing to analysis of the genetic basis of complex traits in plants, with particular focus on nickel hyperaccumulation in the Alyssum serpyllifolium species complex. (NBAF-E)

Truman JA (2015) PhD Thesis (University of Liverpool) Experimental evolution of parasite life-history in bacteriophage phi-2. (NBAF-L)

Walker TWN (2015) PhD Thesis (The University of Manchester) Climate and vegetation effects on the northern peatland carbon cycle. (NBAF-E)

Williams, RC (2015) PhD Thesis (University of Lancaster) Evolutionary biology of the exploited cephalopod, Nautilus pompilius. (NBAF-S)

Zhang H (2015) PhD Thesis (University of Sheffield) Genetics of plumage colour pattern in the Gouldian finch, erythrura gouldiae. (NBAF-E)


Almathen F (2014) PhD Thesis (University of Nottingham) Evolutionary history of indigenous Arabian Peninsula camel Camelus dromedarius populations. (NBAF-S419)

Bruce (nee Powell) C (2014) PhD Thesis (University of East Anglia) From metacommunity dynamics to rapid biodiversity assessment: DNA-based approaches expand horizons in both fundamental and applied ecology. (NBAF-S429)

Buckland S (2014) PhD Thesis (University of Bristol) Mauritius gecko population genetics. (NBAF-S540)

Burns C (2014) PhD Thesis (University of Warwick) Characterising the functional role of rhizosphere fungi in Miscanthus Giganteus bioenergy cropping systems. (NBAF-W841)

Coleman PC (2014) PhD Thesis (University of Birmingham) The physiology and ecology of diapause under present and future climate conditions in the blowfly, Calliphora vicina. (NBAF-B).

Folwell BD (2014) PhD Thesis (University of Essex) Ecology, activity and interactions of microorganisms biodegrading naphthenic acids and high molecular weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. (NBAF-B766)

Gonzalez-Quevedo C  (2014) PhD thesis (University of East Anglia) The spatial scale of immune gene variation within and among populations. (NBAF-L574)

Gullett PR (2014) PhD thesis (University of Sheffield) Demographic mechanisms of avian responses to climate change: long-tailed tits Aegithalos caudatus as a case study. (NBAF-S669)

Kappel P (2014) PhD Thesis (University of Hanover) Evolutionary genetics of pheromonal communication in mouse lemurs. (NBAF-L504)

Koutsovoulos G (2014) PhD Thesis (University of Edinburgh) Genome based phylogeny of Nematoda. (NBAF-E680)

Mathers TC (2014) PhD Thesis (University of Hull) The genetics and evolutionary dynamics of sexual system in tadpole shrimps. (NBAF-E400)

Napper CJ (2014) PhD thesis (University of Sheffield) Kinship and social interactions in non-breeding long-tailed tits, Aegithalos caudatus. (NBAF-S669)

Poynter (2014) PhD Thesis (University of Birmingham) Impacts of environmental stressors on the River Itchen Ranunculus community. (NBAF-B558)

Price S (2014) PhD Thesis (Queen Mary University of London) Emergence of a virulent wildlife disease: using spatial epidemiology and phylogenetic methods to reconstruct the spread of amphibian viruses. (NBAF-L556)

Quinn L (2014) PhD Thesis (University of Aberdeen) intra- and inter-colony differences in winter foraging strategies in the Northern fulmar, fulmarus glacialis (NBAF-S665)

Thomas S. (2014) PhD Thesis (Queens University Belfast) Presence, distribution and utilization of novel phosphonate-metabolizing enzymes in the marine environment. (MGF-L264)

Thompson MJ. (2014) PhD Thesis (University of Cambridge) The evolution of Batesian mimicry in the butterfly Papilio dardanus. (NBAF-E678)

Webster S (2014) PhD Thesis (University of Sheffield) Selection for local adaptation in Littorina saxatilis. (NBAF-E)

Wenwen Diao (2014) PhD Thesis (University of St Andrews) Genetics and genomics of pre-mating isolation in Nasonia. (NBAF-S)

Wright D. (2014) PhD Thesis (University of East Anglia) (NBAF-S574)



Asher C. (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Leeds) The dynamics of reproductive dominance in dinosaur ants (NBAF-W745)

Bristol R (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Kent) Evolutionary genetics and reintroduction ecology of the critically-endangered Seychelles paradise flycatcher. (NBAF-S559)

Daly B. (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Oxford, NBAF571, E&S) Avian malaria in the montane tropics.

Dos Remedios N. (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Bath NBAFE/S547) The evolutionary history of plovers, genus Charadrius: phylogeography and breeding systems.

El Nagar A. (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Nottingham, NBAF644) The role of parasites in the ecological speciation of three-spined sticklebacks Gasterosteus aculeatus.

Ellis RP (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Plymouth). The impact of ocean acidification, increased seawater temperature and a bacterial challenge on the immune response and physiology of the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis. (NBAF-B543)

Farrell L (2013) PhD Thesis (Simon Fraser University) Molecular genetics of alternative reproductive morphs in ruffs. (NBAF-E584 /S)

Farrer R. (2013) PhD Thesis (Imperial College) Comparative genomics and epidemiology of the amphibian-killing fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis. (NBAFL538)

Fellows SA (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Sheffield) Sexual selection and the rapid evolution of reproductive genes and their products in D. pseudoobscura. (NBAF-E)

Fish K. (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Sheffield) The impact of hydraulic regime upon biofilms in drinking water distribution systems.NBAF-S569

Fountain T. (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Sheffield) Global Bedbug Spread: planes, genes and insecticides. (NBAF-S448; NBAF-E724)

Hearn J. (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Edinburgh) Exploring population history and gall induction in cynipid gallwasps using genomics and transcriptomics. (NBAF-E375)

Heathcote R. (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Oxford) Secondary contact in the European wall lizard. (NBAF-S549)

Holland L. (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Exeter) Connectivity and gene flow in temperate Alcyonaria(octocorals): Implications for Marine Protected Area (MPA) designation. (NBAF-S362)

Houghton J (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Liverpool) Molecular diversity and functional composition of cellulose degrading communities in anoxic environments. (NBAF-L)

Johnson B. (2013) PhD Thesis (University of  Birmingham) Effect of stress and diapause in two Calliphoridae species. (NBAF-B459)

Magnus C (2013) MSc thesis (University of Edinburgh) Chromosomal inversions and speciation in cactophilic Drosophila. (NBAF-E)

Morales M. (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Granada, Spain) Heritability and repeatability of egg – rejection behaviour in magpies. (NBAF-S)

Muir AP (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Glasgow) Population genetics of the common frog (Rana temporaria) in relation to climate. (NBAF-E)

Nissimov JI (2013) PhD thesis (University of Nottingham / Plymouth Marine Lab) Ecological and functional biodiversity in a marine algal-virus system : genotypes, phenotypes and their ecological significance. (NBAF-L591 – Pilot)

Phillips K. (2013) PhD Thesis (UEA) Molecular Ecology of hawksbill turtles Eretmochelys imbricata in the Seychelles. (NBAF-S370)

Salmon D. (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Exeter) Metabolite profiling of the coccolithophores Emiliana huxleyi to examine links between calcification and central metabolism. (NBAF-B457)

Sin S (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Oxford) The major histocompatibility complex, mate choice and pathogen resistance in the European badger Meles meles. (NBAF-S)

Smith G (2013) PhD Thesis (University of St Andrews) Investigating the molecular basis of adaptation and speciation in divergent populations. (NBAF-L434)

Toseland A (2013) PhD Thesis (University of East Anglia) Computational analysis of eukaryotic metatranscriptomes from diverse marine environments. (NBAF-E197)

Tyler F. (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Exeter) Behavioural and genomic studies of sexual selection in wild field crickets. (NBAF-S388)

Walkup J. (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Aberdeen) Small scale genetic and morphological structure in an island population of European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). (NBAF-S562)

Yang G (2013) PhD Thesis (University of Aberdeen) Intersexuality and endocrine disruption in the amphipod Echinogammarus marinus: from genes to physiology. (NBAF-L223)



Anderson CJ (2012) PhD Thesis (Cardiff University / CEH ) Mechanistic bases of metal tolerance: linking Phenotype to Genotype. (NBAF-E480; NBAF-E533)

Annavi G (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Oxford) Genetic, socio-ecological and fitness correlates of extra-group paternity in the European badger (Meles meles). (NBAF332)

Barrera-Zambrano VA (2012) PhD Thesis (Newcastle University MGF-E239). Implications of leaf anatomy and stomatal responses in the Clusia genus for the evolution of crassulacean acid metabolism.

Bellamy L (2012) PhD Thesis (University College, London) sexual selection in stalk-eyed flies: inbreeding depression, sperm competition and larval development. (NBAF244)

*Champneys A (2012) PhD Thesis (Nottingham Trent University) Factors affecting the survival and distribution of the water shrew (Neomys fodiens).

Cunha LFN (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Ponta Delegada, Portugal) The effects of extreme environments of volcanic origin using earthworms as models. (NBAF-E)

Davies R (2012) PhD thesis (University of Leeds NBAF-S649). Flexibility in foraging behaviour of northern gannets.

Davis LE (2012) PhD Thesis (UCL – NBAF-E424)  An astrobiological study of an alkaline-saline hydrothermal environment, relevant to understanding the habitability of Mars.

Diamond S (2012) PhD Thesis (University of East Anglia) Differential fertilization compatibility between and within Atlantic salmon and brown trout: implications for farmed gene introgression and hybridization. (NBAF-S427)

Elsworth B (2012) PhD Thesis (Edinburgh University) Sequencing a Soil Sentinel. (NBAF-E359)

Guler YZ (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Portsmouth) Population dynamics and sex-determining mechanisms in the marine amphipod, Echinogammarus marinus. (NBAF-S)

Harney E (2012) PhD thesis (University of Liverpool) The evolution of maturation in Daphnia. (NBAF-L)

Hodges S (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Sheffield) Alternative routes to cooperative breeding in the Rifleman, Acanthisitta chloris. (NBAF-S361)

James P (2012) PhD thesis (Newcastle University) Towards the Biogeography of British Soil Microorganisms. (NBAF-L5537)

Kotska B.I. (2012) PhD Thesis (Queens University Belfast) Landscape ecology, diet composition and energetics in the Eurasian badger (Meles meles). (NBAF-S425)

Lehmann K (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Oxford) Effects of sewage effluent on riverine microbial communities. (NBAF-W)

Melatunan S (2012) PhD Thesis (Plymouth University) Biochemical, metabolic and morphological responses of the intertidal gastropod Littorina Littorea to ocean acidification and increased temperature. (NBAF-B475)

Mills C. (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Exeter NBAF539) Habitat fragmentation, dispersal and population genetics of the dormouse Muscardinus avellanarius in South-West England.

Mirbahai L (2012) PhD Thesis (University Birmingham) DNA methylation profiling of fish tumours. (NBAF-B435)

Pearman J. (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Warwick) Molecular Ecology and transcriptomics of marine photosynthetic picoeukaryotes. (NBAF-E367)

Qiu S (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Edinburgh) Study of the effect of recombination on sex chromosome evolution and mating system in plants. (NBAF-E494).

Razgour O. (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Bristol) Conservation biology of the grey long-eared bat (Plecotus austriacus). (NBAF-S548)

Simeoni M. (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Sheffield) Inbreeding and incest avoidance in the long-tailed tit. (NBAF-S329)

Spurgin L. (2012) PhD Thesis (University of East Anglia) The role of pathogen-mediated fluctuating selection in generating adaptive genetic variation in Berthelot’s pipit. (NBAF-S269)

Strauss J (2012) PhD Thesis (University of East Anglia). Whole genome expression profiling of the polar diatom Fragilariopsis cylindrus. (NBAF-L)

Temperton B. (2012) PhD Thesis (Queen’s University Belfast) Polyphosphate metabolism in marine bacteria. (NBAF-L392)

Thomas C. (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Hull) Evolutionary genetics of the invasive harlequin ladybird (Harmonia axyridis). (NBAF-S363, 418)

Thomson JS (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Liverpool) Stability of an evolutionary relevant behavioural trait in fish: impact of environmental and genetic variation on behaviour and physiology. (NBAF-L)

Tollington S. (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Kent) Ecological immunology and genetic diversity of the endangered Mauritius parakeet. (NBAF-S366)

Whiteside H. (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Bristol) The role of subordinate reproduction on the promotion of group living in the red fox (Vulpes vulpes). (NBAF-S426)

Wright L.I. (2012) PhD Thesis (University of Exeter) Insights into the mating systems of green turtle populations from molecular parentage analyses. (NBAF-S336,452)




Adewoye AB (2011) PhD Thesis (University of Leicester) Genetic architecture and molecular mechanisms underlying light entrainment of the Drosophila circadian clock. (NBAF-E)

Bicknell A (2011) PhD thesis (University of Plymouth). Population structuring and dispersal in the highly pelagic Leach’s storm-petrel: implications for the EU population. (NBAF369)

Bochenek M (2011) PhD Thesis. University of East Anglia. Sulphur metabolism in Emiliania huxleyi: Insights from physiological and gene expression studies.  (NBAF-E317)

Brown D. (2011) PhD Thesis (Cardiff University – NBAF-E364)
Non-invasive molecular analysis of the food resources sustaining adders and smooth snakes.

Buckley J. (2011) PhD Thesis (University of Bristol – NBAF-L410; MGF-S193) Evolutionary responses to recent climate change during the recent range expansion of the butterfly,Aricia agestis.

Cole PA (2011) PhD Thesis. (University of Birmingham). Nanoparticles in aqueous environments: A physicochemical and ecotoxicological study of cerium dioxide. NBAF-B349

Davies S. (2011) PhD Thesis (Imperial College London, NBAF-B343) A metabolomic approach to assessing life-history traits in Caenorhabditis elegans.

Fischer M (2011) PhD Thesis. (University of Vancouver). (NBAF-L117, 170)

Fonseca V (2011) PhD Thesis (Bangor University). Defining marine meiofaunal genetic diversity using 454 sequencing (NBAF-L167).

Harper N (2011) PhD Thesis (University of York) Consequences of changes in genetic diversity during climate-driven range shifts. (NBAF-S)

Jan C. (2011) PhD Thesis (University of Leeds) Population ecology of swarming bats. (NBAF192)

Lohse K (2011) PhD Thesis (University of Edinburgh) Inferring population history from genealogies. (NBAF-E)

Nettleship S. (2011) PhD Thesis (University of Leicester – NBAF449)
Impact of river impoundment on morphology, behaviour and life history strategies of three-spined sticklebacks.

Pascoal S. (2011) PhD Thesis (Bangor University, Aveiro University, Portugal – MGF-L294) Selective gene expression of the marine gastropod Nucella lapillus in response to environmental changes.

Raisin C. (2011) PhD thesis (University of Kent) Population genetics, disease and reproductive fitness in the endemic echo parakeet (Psittacula eques) and the introduced ringneck parakeet (P. krameri) on Mauritius. (NBAF194)

Smith JA. (2011) PhD Thesis (University of Birmingham) Effects of supplementary feeding on the reproductive behaviour of parental woodland birds. (NBAF331)

Strittmatter M (2011) PhD Thesis (Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory) Molecular biology of theEctocarpus/Eurychasma pathosystem. (MGF-L211)

Syeda F. (2011) PhD Thesis (University of Birmingham) Molecular and physiological basis for cold-induced angiogenesis in fish. (MGF-L174)

*Tawatao N. (2011) PhD thesis (York University) Impacts of forest fragmentation on the community structure of ground-dwelling ants in Malaysian Borneo. (NBAF-S)

Taylor M (2011) PhD Thesis (Imperial College, London) Distribution and diversity of octocorals from longline by-catch around South Georgia, UK. (NBAF-E335)

Tedder A (2011) PhD Thesis (University of Glasgow) Comparing the consequences of mating system shifts between different species of cruciferous plants in relation to phylogeography. (NBAF-L)

*Vangestel C (2011) PhD Thesis (University of Ghent, Belgium) Relating phenotypic and genetic variation to urbanization in avian species: a case study on house sparrowa (passer domesticus)  NBAF-S

Walsh N. (2011) PhD thesis (University of Cambridge) Investigation into the genetic basis of carotenoid and melanin colouration in the red-billed quelea. (MGF-EL293)

Zeale M (2011) PhD Thesis (University of Bristol) Conservation biology of the barbastelle (Barbastella barbastellus). Applications of spatial modelling, ecology and molecular analysis of diet. NBAF-S242




*Bacon IE. (2010) PhD thesis (University of Edinburgh)
foraging on variable resources: the behaviour and decision making of rufous hummingbirds.

Black R (2010) PhD Thesis (Imperial College, London)
The evolutionary ecology of island birds. (NBAF328)

Casewell N (2010) PhD Thesis (University of Wales, Bangor – MGF-E150)
Evolution of snake venom composition: causes, correlates and consequences.

Cousins C. (2010) PhD Thesis (University College London – NBAF-E365) An astrobiology study of high Latitude Martian Analogue Environments.

Davey JS (2010) PhD Thesis (Cardiff University) Intraguild predation among generalist predators among winter wheat. (NBAF368)

Harrison X (2010) PhD thesis (University of Exeter) The consequences of variability in staging and dispersal strategies in a long-distance migrant. (NBAF252)

Kaiser V (2010) PhD Thesis. University Edinburgh, Molecular Evolution Under Low Recombination. (NBAF-L213).

Komissarova A (2010) PhD Thesis (University of Aberdeen)
Migration strategies in a changing world – mechanisms and consequences. (NBAF260)

Lohse K (2010) PhD Thesis. University of Edinburgh. Inferring population histories from genealogies. (NBAF-E375)

Lucas ER (2010) PhD Thesis. University of Sussex. Social structure and evolution of the apoid waspMicrostigmus nigrophthalmus. (NBAF-S90, 262)

Mifsud D (2010) PhD Thesis (University of Aberdeen) Speciation genetics in the Jaera albifrons group of intertidal isopods. (NBAF259)

Morgan K. (2010) PhD Thesis (University of Manchester – MGF-E241) Determining the Processes Generating Biodiversity in Southeast Asia using Anopheles mosquitoes.

*Nam KB (2010) PhD Thesis (University of Sheffield) Investment strategies by parents and helpers in the cooperatively breeding long-tailed tit Aegithalos caudatus

*Nelson Flower M.J. (2010) (University of Cape Town)
Kinship and its consequences in the cooperatively breeding Southern Pied Babbler Turdoides bicolor.

Pagarete A. (2010) PhD Thesis (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI / Station Biologique de Roscoff / Plymouth Marine Laboratory MGF-L271-Allen).

Tedder A (2010) PhD Thesis (University of Glasgow – NBAF-L) Comparing the consequences of mating system shifts between different species of cruciferous plants in relation to phylogeography.

Tucker R (2010) MSc Thesis (University of  Kent)
Characterisation of Seychelles paradise flycatcher microsatellite markers. (NBAF428)

White J (2010) PhD Thesis. (Cardiff University – NBAF-L357) Molecular Ecology and Biology of Hydrocarbon Fuel Contaminating Bacteria.


Bataille A. (2009) PhD Thesis (University of Leeds/ Institute of Zoology of London)
Population genetics and disease ecology of mosquito spp. in Galapagos.

Bontell E.I. (2009) PhD Thesis (University of Leeds – NBAF-L240)
Genetic and biological characterisation of Toxoplasma gondii from Uganda.

Brekke P. (2009) PhD Thesis (Imperial College, University of London)
Conservation genetics of an Island endemic bird, the hihi (Notiomystis cincta). NBAF-S153.

Craul M. (2009) PhD Thesis (University of Cardiff / Leibniz Universitaet Hanover, Germany)
Molecular phylogenetics and conservation genetics of sportive lemurs (Lepilemur edwardsi) in northwestern Madagascar. NBAF-S

Ferguson L. (2009) PhD Thesis (University of Cambridge) The genetic basis of wing patterning in the mimetic butterfly, Heliconius melpomene. [NBAF-L280]

Hlaing T. (2009) PhD Thesis (University of Manchester)
Genetic population structure and gene flow in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in Southeast Asia. NBAF-S124

Hutchings K. (2009) PhD Thesis (University of East Anglia)
Gastrointestinal parasites, MHC genes and fitness in a wild avian population. NBAF-S115

*Klein A. (2009) PhD Thesis (The Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary)
The possible effects of extreme winters on the barn owl (Tyto alba Scop., 1769) population in Hungary: survival, physiology and population genetics.

Mitchell T.J. (2009) PhD Thesis (University of Plymouth)
Population genetics of Gracilariopsis longissima in South West Britain.

Napper P. (2009) PhD Theses (Lancaster University – NBAF-L110)
Ecological functional genomics: the genetic basis of phenotypic plasticity in Daphnia pulex.

Qui Y. (2009) PhD Thesis (University of Leeds – NBAF-E).
The Distribution and diversity of parasites in ancient species flocks: baikalian amphipods & microsporidian parasites.

*Riou S. (2009) PhD thesis (University of Leeds)
Regulation of parental effort and chick growth in Manx shearwaters: behaviour, physiology and environmental variability.

Shorrock K.A. (2009) (Newcastle University – MGF-E239)
Physiological and molecular aspects of drought resistance in Clusia.

Sinfield C. (2009) PhD Thesis (University of Leeds NBAF-S188)
Dynamics of the Littorina saxatilis hybrid zone.

Stevens K. (2009) MRes Marine Biology Thesis (University of Plymouth) A genomic approach to characterise the lysogenic nature of Phaeoviruses. [NBAF-L]

Thaxter C. (2009) PhD Thesis (University of Leeds)
Breeding and foraging ecology of guillemots and razorbills: a comparison of two pursuit-diving seabirds. NBAF-S149

Weynberg K (2009) PhD Thesis (Plymouth Marine Laboratory / University of Warwick – MGF-L196)
Isolation and characterisation of marine viruses that infect nano- and picophytoplankton.

Wilkes TE. (2009) PhD Thesis (University of Liverpool) Biological and Genomic Studies of Arsenophonus, son-killer of Nasonia vitripennis. NBAF-L


Angell R. (2008) PhD thesis (University of Leeds)
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