NBAF-Edinburgh offers sequencing service on three platforms:

  1. Sanger (dideoxy) sequencing on ABI 3730 instruments
  2. Illumina SOLEXA short read sequencing on Illumina HiSeq 2000 and MiSeq instruments
  3. Bioinformatics Support to NERC researchers


ABI 3730 (Sanger)

  • DNA sequencing from PCR products, plasmids and other templates up to 800 bases.
  • We offer services from sequence analysis only (we run your completed reactions) to full shotgun analysis of large insert clones (including construction of shotgun libraries and assembly).
  • Samples may be submitted individually or in 96 well plates.
  • We also perform analysis of fluorescently labeled genotyping experiments (microsatellites or AFLP).


Illumina HiSeq 2000

  • The instrument can generate up to 180 million reads per lane, and there are 8 lanes per run.
  • Sequences can be from 50 bases to 100 bases
  • Sequences can be generated from both ends of inserts (paired-end sequencing, 50 or 100 bases from each end)
  • The instrument can generate over 300 gigabases per week.
  • Applications include

de novo genome sequencing
genome resequencing and targeted genome resequencing
RNA-Seq (transcriptome sequencing)
deep SAGE (digital transcriptomics)
smallRNA sequencing (microRNA sequencing)
ChIP-Seq (chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing)
RNA-IP_Seq (RNA immunoprecipitation squencing)
and variants thereof.


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