Procedure for NERC-funded projects

So you have decided to apply for a NERC grant or fellowship with access to NBAF. What should you do?

  1. First of all, as Principal Investigator, you will need to contact the NBAF Node well ahead of the NERC grant deadline to obtain a quote. At this stage, you must also complete the NBAF application form. Then go ahead with your application on the JeS system as per JeS instructions.
  2. Then submit the NBAF form, along with your Case for Support, Justification of Resources and quote to <>.
  3. Hopefully your application to NERC will be successful! As soon as you hear that your project has been funded, please contact <> with the news. You will then receive an NBAF reference number.
  4. Provided there is no technical query, your request to access NBAF will be approved and you will receive the official decision letter from NERC granting you access to NBAF.

If the project has changed since your original application to NERC, we ask you to update the NBAF form; changes require approval from the NBAF Chair and if necessary, the NBAF Steering Committee.

5. About 3 months before your samples are ready, contact the NBAF Node to confirm the technical details and update your quote.

6. The work gets carried out.

7. You will need to report any outputs arising from work carried out at NBAF (in January every year) and complete the NBAF user survey (once per project in April after the work completed) following the requests from the NBAF Secretary.


This is what’s new from previous years:

Stage 1. You, as PI, must submit an NBAF form after your application to NERC.

Stage 4. Provided there are no changes to the original NERC application, the project is approved by Chair, without need for review.

Stage 5. You must contact nodes about 3 months before your samples are ready.