Applying to NBAF when NERC funded

Principal investigators who have secured NERC grant or fellowship funding still need to apply to the NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility. We have reduced the information which needs to be submitted.

Why do I need to apply?

In practice, many grant applications to NERC do not include much technical detail and we do not get much involved at that stage. We do not routinely see or comment on the full NERC application and, even if we did, investigators often change their plans. So the view is that a facility needs to review the relevant aspects of a project. NBAF typically does a lot more than just running the sequences, so there needs to be a clear understanding of who does what, and the form helps us to sort this out.

Overall the process has proved to be beneficial, with many projects being much refined or else improved to take advantage of new developments. While your application will not be rejected, it is possible for you to be asked to further refine your plan. The other information is either basic contact information or information that we have to return to NERC annually about our users but that we could not necessarily extract from your full application, even if we had it.

How to apply?

We need you, the principal Investigator, to complete the NBAF application form once you hear that NERC has funded your grant. We need you to confirm your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions by returning a copy of the signature page.

What happens next?

Provided there is no technical query, your project will be approved and you will receive an official decision letter from NERC (via BGS).

If the project has changed since your application to NERC, you will need to update the NBAF form as changes require the approval from the NBAF Chair.

About 3 months before samples are ready, you should contact the NBAF node to confirm technical details and update your quote.

For a stage by stage procedure, please refer to the procedure.