NERC-funded PIs:

If your project is funded by a NERC grant, please complete the NBAF Application Form, but disregard sections 8, 9 and 10; please sign the NBAF Terms&Conditions; please also submit your case for support, justification of resources, initial and updated quotes from the node. More information for NERC-funded PIs.

Non NERC-funded PIs:

1. First of all, please make yourself familiar with our terms and conditions. Then please sign and return (NBAF Signature form + T&C).

Applicants to the Pilot competition need to sign and send it to

2. if applying to the standard round, complete the application form: NBAF Application Form (not applicable to NBAF Pilot competition)

3. Then, applicants wishing to access NBAF-Sheffield need to complete an appendix (not applicable to NBAF Pilot competition):

NBAF-S Appendix

No Appendix is required for NBAF Edinburgh and Liverpool nodes, but please attach the quote you will be given by the node with your application form.

4. Discuss your project with the Manager / Head of the relevant Facility node(s) BEFORE submitting the form (and appendix).