Applying to NERC with request for access to NBAF

Procedure for NERC grant applications:

Next NERC standard deadline.

If you are applying to NERC and would like to access NBAF as part of your project – be it as a studentship, fellowship or standard grant application – you will need to contact NBAF ahead of your submission to the JeS system.

We recommend the following procedure:

  1. Contact the NBAF node you wish to access well in advance of the NERC deadline to discuss your requirements; we would appreciate if applicants could contact NBAF 4 weeks prior to the NERC deadline to discuss requirements and ensure we have all the details to accurately cost the work. We recommend getting in touch with the node for costing as early as possible. We will provide you with a confirmation that we can perform the required experiments (technical assessment), as well a quote. If you are not sure about which node to contact, just email <>.
  2. Submit your NERC application via the JeS system: Please enter the NBAF quote costs in both the Facilities box and under the section called “Other Directly Incurred”; the amount needs to be added to the “Other Directly Incurred” section so that it is counted in the total amount. This is the same place where consumables are listed. The facilities £ box is new. Please ensure you enter the same amount in both sections.
  3. Once you have submitted your application to NERC, please send the completed NBAF form, NBAF quote, case for support and justification of resources to <>.
  4. Once funding has been granted, please advise us of your success. You can now refer to Applying to NBAF when NERC-funded.