How to apply directly to NBAF

NBAF supports projects which are not NERC-funded, although they must fall within NERC’s remit. We call these “standard applications.”

Please beware that if you are requesting access to NBAF-Edinburgh or Liverpool, you will need to provide funding, should your project be accepted by our Steering Committee. This is because these nodes operate as a “pay as you go” basis. If you are requesting access to NBAF-Sheffield, most services are available free at the point of delivery. Please note that NBAF-Birmingham is not currently accepting new applications for facility use. For more information, please refer to Applying to use NERC Facilities.

We recommend you follow the following procedure:

  1. Provide the NBAF node with a draft application form (and, if required, an appendix) one month before the application deadline to discuss your proposal. If you are not sure about the appropriate node, please contact us.
  2. The nodes will then provide you with feedback and can answer questions in case of uncertainties.
  3. Submit your completed form (including appendices) to <>, and a signed hard copy of the signatures page to NBAF Secretary (see form).
  4. The applications will be reviewed following the Research Councils grading system and the NBAF Steering Committee will decide about funding before you are notified about the outcome. Notifications are being sent out by the Services and Facilities Management Team at BGS.

Please see also NERC for eligibility.