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Applying to the Facility

Deadlines and guidelines on how to apply to NBAF.


***Please note that if you intend to access NBAF-Liverpool or NBAF Edinburgh, you will need to have secured funding first, as these nodes operate as "pay-as-you-go" services. This can be through a NERC grant, NERC small grant, or through our annual pilot "Pilot projects grants competition" scheme.***

Decisions on applications for use of the Facility are made through a scientific review process that includes close refereeing by the Steering Committee (also known as the NBAFSC).

For specific details on the Pilot Projects Grants Competition, click here.

We invite applicants to read through the Frequently Asked Questions.

Deadlines and important dates


Nodes need to have received a first application draft one month before the application deadline.  The decision will be sent to you by official email from NERC about two months following the application deadline.

Applications to access Metabolomics services now have two deadlines per year: 1st April and 1st October.

Contact node by Application Deadline Notification to PI
17/10/2014 PILOT
1/04/2015 Metabolomics
1/10/2015 Metabolomics
October PILOT tbc


For information, here is the link to NERC standard applications deadlines.

To apply, please follow the procedure below:

First, refer to the NBAF conditions of access document.

  1. Consult with the Facility node - Mandatory
  2. Submit the application form and node-specific appendix or quote


What happens next?

1) Consult with the Facility node.


You must discuss your project with the relevant Facility node(s) before officially submitting your application. This consultation must be carried out between one and six months prior to the application deadline. This gives the nodes enough time to discuss your requirements, whilst taking into account the fast pace of technological developments.

We therefore ask NERC-funded applicants who had already been in touch with NBAF for their NERC grant application to recontact NBAF one month before the NBAF deadline to obtain up-to-date appendices or quotes.


Please ensure that drafts of the application form and especially the appendix (for NBAF-B, S, W nodes) are sent to the nodes at least ONE MONTH prior to the application deadline, leaving enough time for feedback from head of nodes and/or managers. This is important for us to understand what your requirements are. This is not an official submission yet!

Applications missing the consultation deadline will be considered for the following round.

  • Click on the node you require access to to download the specific appendix:
  1. NBAF-Liverpool- a QUOTE is required
  2. NBAF-Edinburgh - a QUOTE is required
  3. NBAF-Wallingford

  4. NBAF-Birmingham
  5. NBAF-Sheffield


2) Submit the Application Form and Appendix or Quote.



  • You need to submit both documents at the same time.
  • Make sure that documents are in Word format and that all "track changes" have been accepted; quotes can be in pdf format.
  • Do make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of use (penultimate page) before applying! We have recently updated our T&C, so be sure to use the most up-to-date version of the application form.
  • Applications should be submitted by the Supervisor / Principal Investigator.
  • Please do not forget to send us the hard copy of the signature page (the very last page only).
  • If you are unsure of how to complete a section, please contact the NBAF Secretary or the node manager; if you need assistance completing an appendix, consult with the node manager.

  • Please note that we do not normally accept an application within 6 months of the end of the grant or studentship. Ideally, applications should not be made in the final year of the grant/studentship.

  • Both Final forms should be submitted together to the NBAF Secretary by email ( See deadlines above.
  • Post the hard copy of the signature page; this can be received after the official deadline.


What happens next?


Pending all documents are included, you will have officially submitted your application.  

You will then receive an acknowledgment of receipt within one week with a unique reference number, typically starting with NBAF... Do keep this number and quote it in all subsequent communications with the Facility.

Your form will then be sent on to members of the Steering Committee who will produce a report; a decision will be made on a bimonthly basis (see dates below) on whether to fund your project.

NERC will then send a formal letter advising the Principal Investigator of the decision of the Committee.


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